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Zhong Han Indices company offers commodity index data in China market to the customers.  Zhong Han  Commodity Indices can offer the following benefits:

  • No more alternative work! Offer a direct access to China commodity market in a way that was previously unimaginable. Significantly reduce the risks by using alternatives to replicate China market.
  • Integrate both endogenous and exogenous variables from China futures market to develop the best index methodology, and thus effectively reflect the characteristics of this market.
  • Represent quantitative signals of the China market. Can be widely used in global investments.
  • Add great values to solve tremendous problems/issues. Build the robust daily operation systems and maintenance process.
  • Easy start. Just plug in index data feed. We can take development work to customize the data feed to directly connect to your systems.
  • Easy use. Just familiar with our commodity classification and index classification, find the index ID to get all data you normally need.

Zhong Han Indices company also offers customized index solution based on the the clients' requirements. Zhong Han Absolute Return Indices (ZHARI) track the uptrend of asset classes and rotate to cash or MMK in the downtrend. They are completely new benchmarks in the world to help investors manage downside risks as well as control volatility.

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