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About Us
About Us

Zhong Han Indices, Inc. is the first index firm in the world to provide a complete range of innovative index series, including China and global absolute return indices, China commodity indices, etc.  Zhong Han Indices, Inc. also brings together the spirit of a pioneer, the responsiveness of an entrepreneur striving to tailor-made index products/solutions for global investors.

Zhong Han Commodity Indices (ZHCI) screen all commodities traded in China Future Market,  Integrate both endogenous and exogenous variables from China futures market, and step by step to build the entire index family based on objective and transparent rule. We also aim to reduce the investors research cost by calculating the indices based on long, short, equal weight, 2X, 3X, and 5X leverage. Each index also has 15 common analytical data as well risk data. The investors can easily find regular commodity market performance and analysis by just entering our index ID.

Zhong Han Absolute Return Indices (ZHARI) track the uptrend of asset classes and rotate to cash or MMK in the downtrend. They are completely new benchmarks in the world to help investors manage downside risks as well as control volatility.

Zhong Han Index team is a varied blend of professionals who have more than 10 years experiences in global asset management, information technology, China securities exchanges, etc. The professionalism of Zhong Han’s experts commits to long-lasting client relationship and guarantees an institutional quality of service. 
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